Poysdorf, die Weinstadt �sterreichs
Open-Air Gallery Ohmeyer - Poysdorf, Maria Ohmeyer-Weg

Open-Air Picture Gallery Ohmeyer - Poysdorf, Maria Ohmeyer-Weg




The township of Poysdorf dedicated a remembrance place and a gallery to the academic painter Maria Ohmeyer from 1994 to 2013 in the former Night Watch House near the parish church of Poysdorf. There the  lifework of the artist was presented for twenty years and for more than 8.000 visitors in alternating exhibitions by Elfriede Lenk.

Subsequently family Ullmann, owner of the lifework of the artist, started a new project: a small open-air gallery with ten reproductions of masterpieces of Maria Ohmeyer and a bulletin board comprising her life and art, based on an idea by Elfriede Lenk.

The WEIN + TRAUBEN Welt dedicated Maria Ohmeyer an exhibition room, where a selection of  her original paintings can be seen.

"Maria Ohmeyer" being exhibited for 27 years in the World Wide Web: 1997 - 2024