Poysdorf, die Weinstadt �sterreichs
Open-Air Gallery Ohmeyer - Poysdorf, Maria Ohmeyer-Weg

Maria Ohmeyer, née Schmidt, 1896-1983

Born on September 5, 1896 in Matzen/Lower Austria
Died on June 11, 1983 in Poysdorf

From 1906-1983 she lived in Poysdorf, Brünnerstraße 1. Her second residence was in Vienna, Siegmundsgasse 3

Her father, Leonhard Schmidt, was a notary and her grandfather was a painter, copperplate engraver and sculptor. They came from Mikulov in today's Czech Republic.

Studied at the Academy for Women at Rottmayr and Fahringer in Vienna.

In 1923 she married Alphons v. Ohmeyer, a former general in the army of the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I. They had only one son.

In 1944 son Herbert died in the Second World War in France. She never completely came over this loss.

In 1952 her husband lost his life in a traffic-accident.

As a member of the "Marchfeld Artists Association of Pictoral Artists of Lower Austria she exposed at their exhibitions and appeared at many exhibitions of the Country Association of Lower Austria�s Art Society at home and abroad.

Participation in contests of the Künstlerhaus, Vienna - 1st prize at a competition of children-portraits.

Appeared in several catalogues:

  • 1969 - 50th anniversary of the Marchfeld Artists Association
  • 1973 - Art Symposium 73
  • 1974 - Water-colour Painting in Lower Austria
  • 1975 - Painting in Lower Austria
  • 1977 - Pastel Drawings from Lower Austria
  • 1978 - Art Market Hollabrunn
  • 1978 - The Human Figure
  • 1979 - Maria Ohmeyer - Paintings and Graphics
  • 1981 - Artists in the Wine District
  • 1988 - Painting in Lower Austria, 1918 - 1988

Further Exhibitions:

  • 1979 - Town Museum Poysdorf
  • 1982 - Secession of Vienna - Artists of the Wine District
  • 1994 - "Night-Watch Gallery" and Castle of Poysbrunn near Poysdorf
  • 1996 - On the occasion of the centennial of her birthday "Day of the Open Housedoor" at her residence in Poysdorf accompanied by an exhibition in the former house of the "Night-Watch" in Poysdorf.
  • 1997 - 2013 Extra exhibitions in the "Night Watch Gallery" in Poysdorf.
  • 2015 - Opening of the "Open-Air Picture Gallery" at Poysdorf, Maria-Ohmeyer Weg

Maria Ohmeyer: "I've always said YES to the world. If I hadn't done so, I would be a shorty."